Rabbi Susan Silverman | Rabbi, Author, Activist, Mom
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Liberal Judaism

I choose pluralism – a Jewishness with messy, murky edges over narrowly defined, black-and-white, lockstep behavior. Vivid colors that seep and transform. 


We can be like Pharaoh and declare that “these people will grow and join our enemies” or be like the righteous in our  history who gave us shelter – and our humanity – when we needed it.


Children in institutions are denied their full humanity. We can help restore it.

Susan’s Little Activists

How the value of tzelem elohim is coming alive in the next generation.

“A book rich in understanding and humor [Silverman] meditates on what it means to live as a broken being in a beautifully imperfect world. Warm and spiritually engaging.”

—Kirkus Reviews 1/1/16

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