Rabbi Susan Silverman | Adoption
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Community Adoption.

We want to help your family — and your community — repair the world by promoting a culture of adoption in Jewish and other communities in order to radically increase the number of orphans getting permanent, loving homes—with the added bonus of a supportive social context for their families.

There are over 100,000 children in foster care in the United States who are waiting for permanent, loving families –and millions internationally. Imagine if people in the synagogue, church, school or community center  in your neighborhood got together, encouraged one another to adopt, and committed to creating concentric circles of support for those families. We would see more adoptions, better adoption experiences, richer family life and more engaged communities.

Susan is the Founding Director of Second Nurture: Every Child Deserves a Family – And a Community.

Unparented children fall through the cracks of society for social, economic, political, educational and a host of other reasons. Countless organizations work to address these crises, but children living outside of family care are often last on the list, leaving them at a uniquely high risk of trauma, disease, trafficking and death. Your community can be a source of permanent, loving families for these kids. And with Second Nurture, your families will have concentric circles of support, creating a new model for successful adoptions.

In response to this crisis, Second Nurture seeks to:

  • Educate strong, tight-knit synagogues, camp and day school communities about the orphan/foster care crisis and our opportunity to become permanent, loving families for these kids.
  • Facilitate the adoption of children who come from the same region – ideally the same orphanage — or all from the local foster care system, such that the children continue pre-existing relationships and/or have a network of shared experience.
  • Provide and develop materials for various aspects of community life – such as religious school, adult education and holiday enrichment – that will integrate the particular issues and questions raised by adoption to enrich the shared conversation and experience.
  • Cultivate networks within and from outside the community to address issues such as physical and mental health, identity development, and belonging.

How will Second Nurture begin?

We will begin in the US by cultivating communities to adopt from the state’s foster care system. 100,000 children are waiting for permanent, loving families nationwide. The adoptions are straightforward, inexpensive processes without barriers for single and LGBTQ parents.

Where will Second Nurture go?

We will further develop our relationships with NGOs and Ministries of Welfare in countries throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, as well as with the US State Department, to create Second Nurture communities through international adoptions.

There are millions of children who are essentially alone in the world. We can change that.

We can be their families. And their communities.