Rabbi Susan Silverman | Liberal Judaism
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Liberal Judaism

Susan works to advance liberal values into Jewish life in Israel.

As it stands, there is an ultra-Orthodox monopoly in civil life — meaning laws concerning kashrut, the sabbath and religious life status such as marriage, divorce and conversion. It also treats religious commandments as ends in themselves, something that Susan sees as highly problematic, as well as the oppression of women through social and legal pressures including making religious divorce into civil law that can keep women married against their will and maintains tight-fisted control over Judaism’s holy sites, treating them as Orthodox synagogues.

Susan seeks to change the laws to separate between religion and state and help change the collective understanding of Judaism from Orthodox vs Secular to a multi-path Judaism.

Her vision, her path, is one in which mitzvoth (religious commandments) are not ends in themselves but building blocks to a just and compassionate society, a society that treats the stranger as a citizen, demands that every child have a permanent loving family, and treats every human being, especially the most vulnerable, as holy.

Susan sees Israel as the place where the Jewish people can be our conceivable best.